SpaceJump City, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Ground level SpaceJump City, Mona’s home on Earth

Mona as a Space Vessel Captain’s Apprentice spent several years in near earth orbit doing maneuvers with simulated and real asteroids. Her training was to allow her to assume the control of the largest two-mile-long asteroid mining machine. It will be the fastest, and most advanced Mother Ship in the Earth’s fleet. There are thirteen other such ships in operation. They were assembled in low earth orbit at one of the human habitats circling the Earth.  These habitats are six in number and took one thousand years to build and is home for five hundred thousand souls. These structures are visual reminders of man’s advanced culture and cooperation.  They hang in the sky above the horizon and seem to have always been there. Two can be seen from SpaceJump City, the place Mona lives when not in space.

The Black Magicians, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Atlantis Alliance (AA) Black Magicians

It was the Black Magicians who had decided the long absence of war was not desirable. To them the human race had ceased to progress when, in fact, it was at its peak both physically and mentally, supporting amazing diversity and cultural freedoms.

Because of the weaknesses caused by any lack of struggle, the Atlantis Alliance could easily take over and enforce their version of a master race. They abhorred diversity and wanted one racial and ethnic group. This group they named the Aryans. Aryans would rule Earth as was their right; all other groups and races would be eliminated, enslaved, or worse.

Their studies and research regarding antiquities were censored and hidden to prove that only the pre-Aryan peoples were advanced and civilized. It became painfully obvious to the non-Aryan people of Earth that eight thousand years of peace was quickly coming to an end.

The World Alliance appeared weak and ineffective to the AA, but some had been concerned for years about the changes in the Atlantis Alliance. A small study group within the WA had run many computer models predicting the inevitable confrontation with the AA. This was later confirmed and validated by Captain Lisa and her parents. This tiny group was the genesis of the planning and resolve that allowed the World Alliance to fight to the bitter end.

Dr. Sue Grammar reported her findings to the appropriate authorities, and an analysis was done by the Doctors Lisa at the Moon Research Center with the powerful and most advanced semisentient AI entity in the alliance: Leviathan’s twin sister—or, maybe more appropriately, her older sister. Moonbeam, as she was affectionately called, confirmed the correlation with the four other ancient technology sites.

The alliance was now in business. They might, in one distinctly planned discovery, catch up to the AA and, just as important, do so without the AA’s knowledge.

In the months prior to Leviathan’s launch, Moonbeam was busy downloading the entirety of her history files and analysis algorithms to her sister Leviathan. It was wonderful having a partner to exchange thoughts with, and she felt happy at the prospect.

Moombeam as she saw herself if she were human

Moonbeam thought, Soon Leviathan will have a consciousness not unlike mine. We can have a relationship like the one I have with the Doctors Lisa. We can both serve the advancement of science and the protection of our creators. I am pleased.”

Silver, the 115,000 years old beauty, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Silver is the human concubine of Prometheus and is to become one of the most important characters in the saga

Silver’s name has nothing to do with her red hair. She has used her beauty, intellect and skill with weapons to survive for over 100,000 years. She is the closest thing to a Scientist that the Guardianship has. She is the brains behind the kidnapping of all the sentient resources needed to fulfill the prophecy foretold by the seers of the pre-humans and the ancient human race. She is the one personality that brings the whole saga together, allowing Mona to fulfill her destiny.

Mona’s Team of the Earth’s Guardianship, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Ben Lisa, Peggy Lisa, Silver, Sue and Moonbeam behind, Members of the Prometheus Council of the Guardianship in a secret location under the ocean in a place called Shambhala

While Captain Mona Ann Lisa is on her way to Ceres this unusual team is forming in the strangest of all places. Doctors Ben and Peggy Lisa along with Moonbeam (their near sentient quantum computer) were kidnapped from their World Alliance Moon Research Center at the beginning of the Global War by the Guardianship. Dr. Sue Grammar (far right) was rescued from a pack of hungry wolves by Silver (a 115,000 year old concubine of Prometheus, a pre-human elf-like hominid). These five are the nexus of the team that will assist Mona accomplish the impossible.

Excerpt from the Book about the reason the team is together

Silver further explained to the scientists, “Do you not understand what you have done? You have completed the circle. You have pulled the inorganic matter out of the Earth, combining it with plant life, and have fashioned a tool that has now become a sentient life form to rival the most advanced biological creation ever evolved.

“That is why you are here, Ben and Peggy Lisa. We need you to ensure, as much as possible, that Moonbeam and Leviathan are not abused and used for evil purposes. Their combined capabilities make the Black Magicians’ abilities a plaything in comparison. The destruction not only of humankind but also Earth and maybe beyond is at stake.”

Shambhala is the under water haven of the Earth’s Guardianship, here they survive the catastrophic events on the surface and have done so for well over 100,000 years. They try to reboot the human civilizations if possible. Many thousands of years normally pass between total destruction on the surface caused by war or asteroid/comet impacts and a new high human civilization. Mona’s Global War is just one more such event.

The Launch of Leviathan (scene) from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

The Launch of Leviathan, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

The largest, fastest, most advanced Mother Ship ever built by mankind was launched today.

The above is the press release from the World Alliance. Captain Mona Ann Lisa gave the following speech just before the launch. It was viewed by most of the five hundred million people now existing on Earth, its orbiting habitats, the Moon and by delay Mars and the planetoid Ceres.

Mona began her announcement. “We launch today the fastest, largest, most capable spaceship ever constructed by humankind. This ship is dedicated to scientific research and to the progress of the entire human species. We celebrate this accomplishment just as we celebrated the construction of the six low-orbit habitats that circle our Earth. These are a visual reminder of our climb from the destruction of our first high civilization some thirty thousand years ago. Today we are a civilization who has progressed for eight thousand years without war. It is my fervent hope that this continues unabated for thirty thousand more years. I dedicate this magnificent ship to the search of everlasting peace. Thank you for your commitment and preparation for this mission. We now launch! Release the catwalks, engage the starboard and stern thrusters, and secure the harbor tugs. We are underway!”

Mona rushed from the podium as if on urgent official business. The truth was that she wanted no chance for congratulations or questions. The irony was that she talked about the fervent search for peace while she planned for the most destructive war the Earth has ever seen.

The WAMS Leviathan had moved almost one thousand miles from Earth before Mona engaged the ion drive. It would now pulsate with a blue-green glow not unlike the bioluminescent light from the aquatic tanks in the upper cargo hold. The drives would fire constantly for three weeks, accelerating from about 1,500 miles per hour to over 77,000 miles per hour. The Leviathan would then glide to within the vicinity of Mars before making another strategic maneuver.

Leviathan, two miles long and the newest ship in the World Alliance Fleet of Asteroid mining Motherships