“VOLUME 1, MONA LISA ON THE MOON, THIRTY-TWO THOUSAND YEARS IN THE MAKING” and (New Books) Struggle and Survival a Boneyard Saga, Short Story Anthology and Priscilla’s Prayer, Angels, Miracle and Priscilla’s Lost and Found.

(NEXT is a childrens book coming soon) “Priscilla’s Dream”

Published by Archway Publishing and the new book published Feb 2023 by Genesis Publishing House

Book Cover

Thirty-two thousand years ago, a gifted child is born into a world most would consider paradise. There has not been a war or hunger for some eight thousand years. The ozone layer is four times thicker than it will be later. Genetic abnormalities are nearly nonexistent and there are no diseases. As she matures, Mona Ann Lisa—just one of a highly advanced civilization on Earth—prepares to fulfill her destiny.

Unbeknownst to Mona, a change in the political and military leadership has been ongoing for decades. Now something new is afoot. After she eventually becomes the youngest captain of the planet’s fleet of spaceships, her career blossoms as she faces challenges and threats to her civilization. Mona is the best chance the species has to survive. While she accepts her many working titles, Mona knows that Levie, her sentient artificial intelligence entity, is the true brains of the operations. As a chain of events unfolds, Mona, Levie, and others must jump into action as the health and well-being of all sentient life precariously hangs in the balance.

In this science fiction novel set thirty-two thousand years ago, a child prodigy transforms into the captain of a fleet of spaceships and embarks on a journey to save humanity. YouTube intro of book 90 second version. 30 second version: Captain Mona Ann Lisa later travels back in time to save the young girl (Eva) who later becomes the mother of all humans in the known universe. See how this turns out in the next book published by George and Linda B. See below for details (Book cover, Prommotion Video, images and where to purchase the new book and more).

Mona Lisa on the Moon available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Barnes & Noble! and Struggle and Survival A Boneyard Saga, Short Story Anthology by Berberich, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (, and

See Promotion Video for “Struggle and Survival A Boneyard Saga, Short Story Anthology,” and Priscilla’s Prayer, Angels, Miracle and Lost and Found, see below:

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Priscilla is a six-year-old orphan and is working hard to be accepted in her new family.

Struggle and Survival a Boneyard Saga Promotion Video
Eva’s Struggle to Survive in what is now Yellowstone National Park, 100,000 years ago.
Eva and Toby get married!
Eva proposes to Toby
Eva and Toby’s first child Mona
Mona saves Eva from death at the hands of the Clan Chief and his Son
“Priscilla’s Prayer” a Children’s Book (Proposed Book Cover}
The Prayer
Priscilla’s Flight School
Cilla meets Sir Boss
Nymph Warriors fight the Yellowjacket Enemies
Yellowjackets nest under Priscilla’s yard