The Boneyard Short Story by George B

The Boneyard
Short Story by George B

Eva and Credo were alone at the outskirts of the Boneyard to survey the Clan’s chances of locating food. Though it was early morning, she did not expect to encounter a Terror Bird. While an attack was possible, Eva’s intuition told her they were temporarily safe. Credo had alerted on a dragonfly and was preoccupied by its erratic flight pattern. She quickly gave Credo hand signals to ignore the large insect and to instead survey the surrounding perimeter.

Credo was always at Eva’s side unless she ordered otherwise. He bonded with her at his birth five cycles ago. Eva was a leader of her people and was worthy of his attention and loyalty. Others of his kind were not as lucky. Saber cats were intensely hunted by Eva’s tribe, the two species competed for the same food resources. One of Credo’s eyes was damaged at birth and he would not have survived without this symbiotic partnership with his human benefactor. Eva was flawed also. Her left leg was deformed and her ability to hunt was thus limited. However, her keen sight, hearing and intuition assisted by Credo’s legs and enormous strength made them the best providers of the entire Clan. The two were inseparable and were relied upon to find game when others failed.

Eva’s value was significant because of her second sense when it came to reading hunting signs. She could also anticipate changes in weather conditions. She felt impending danger before others and was the early warning system for all that fell under her care. The Clan had a territory that covered several hundred square miles. At the center of this area, was a group of thermals that belched heat, steam and sulfuric gases all year round. This area attracted animals of all types, especially during the bitterly cold winter months and many of the sojourners were killed or died there, leaving their bones as a temporary reminder of their fate. The area was thus known by the Clan as The Boneyard. This place was the hunting ground of last resort because it held a fearful, mystical, and magnetic quality that both attracted and repelled humans and most likely other animals as well. The dominant species, other than humans were the Apex Predators of the Mega Fauna of the late Pleistocene. However, the most feared and formidable was the Terror Bird, it was flightless, was over eight feet tall and weighed approximately 330 pounds. Their heads were large, with huge, axe-like beaks. Being enormously quick and vicious, they ran at speeds exceeding forty miles an hour in short spurts. These birds could track, attack and kill prey much larger than themselves. They worked in groups of two or more and were intelligent, and fearless. This species always came to the Boneyard during specific seasons and Eva was very aware of their customary behavior.

By Dmitry Bogdanov –, CC BY-SA 3.0,

However, this year was particularly bad for hunting and the Clan was pushed to take more chances than they have normally. Eva and Credo were critical to the tribe’s survival. She knew she could not make a mistake. An error on her part could result in her death and the possible demise of the entire Clan. In desperation Eva headed for the Boneyard. Though the risks were great the Boneyard represented the only true guarantee for food. Eva knew the Terror Birds would most likely

be there as well. The Clan’s weapons were spears and slings along with their coordination, unity of purpose and their capacity to adapt to changing and dangerous events. While alert and in a hunting party, her people could adequately defend themselves. However, as individuals or in small groups, humans were too slow and vulnerable, unable to defend against two or more Terror Birds if the attack was in unison. During resting periods and at night the danger was at its peak. These birds loved to hunt in the early evening and early morning hours. Eva maintained watchmen all day long and deep into the night to alert for any danger. Other than these terrible flightless birds, the Dire Wolves who weighed an average of 150 pounds were a concern because they were also pack hunters. Fortunately, since the Clan was in bird territory the wolves were not going to be present. The wolves feared the birds more than the humans.

Eva was concerned and more frustrated than normal because her people had been decimated through disease and starvation. The older members and the very young could travel no more and without enough food the entire Clan’s endurance was at its end. Being now half their normal numbers, the Clan could not both man multiple hunting parties and adequately protect the elderly and children. Eva had to find a solution and was desperate to do so. At this point the Boneyard would be the best answer to the Clan’s need for a food source. Eva decided to put every able body out to gather food and hunt, praying the worst would not happen. While pondering the serious issues in front of her, Eva remembered a dream she had not long ago. The stones from a mountain fell on her and Credo. She expected to die, instead they survived without a scratch. Could this dream have been pointing her to the survival or inevitable destruction of her clan? This was a puzzle and she had to solve it and solve it soon.

Eva was thinking, The Boneyard might just be their last stand, but was jolted back to the reality, when she saw Credo returning from his survey of the thermals. He was acting differently shown by his speed and directness of approach. Eva sensed his excitement. This meant food or danger and maybe both. In anticipation, she took out her sling and place a large stone in it. As he approached, he made a set of quick clicking sounds “kee, kik, kee, kik” She knew to follow him immediately.

As they rounded a small thermal pool of green and orange algae, the billowing steam was blown away by a stiff breeze to reveal a set of five crude nests on the ground. The nests were full of several very large eggs. Eva knew immediately these were Terror Bird eggs. Because of her desperation she didn’t hesitate, she grabbed her carrying pouch and put as many eggs in it she could. She then fashioned a drag from some branches and placed several more eggs on it to take them back to the camp. She knew the Birds would follow her trail as soon as they discovered the missing treasure, but this was survival. She was ready to accept the consequences of her actions. At this very moment, Eva knew the Terror Birds could be attacking her vulnerable and unprotected Clansmen. This may well be a war of mutually assured destruction.

With her deformed leg her return with the added weight of the eggs was excruciating. She was weak for lack of food and knew she had little time to escape. Credo kept a constant watch for the birds. He moved around her, first in a wide circle and then kept getting closer and closer to her as they got further from the Boneyard.

As she returned to the camp, the old and young greeted her with warm hugs and talk. They wanted to hear the whole story, but she was too busy trying to share the eggs with the Clan. She soon collapsed from fatigue and they placed furs over her. Credo lay beside her. She slept for several hours and had the nightmare again about the landslide. When she awoke, she and Credo were given all the Terror Bird egg stew they could eat. The others who were out hunting returned without anything but shared in the eggs to their fill. Eva knew this was the calm before the storm. She ordered fires be started and maintained around the perimeter and she and Credo left the encampment.

Eva didn’t know just what she was looking for, but she knew she would recognize it when she saw it. The place the Clan was now living was too vulnerable to stay much longer. After a half-hour journey, she began to wonder if she was going crazy. What was she looking for? She spotted a pile of large rocks and boulders.

The pile looked like the results of a recent landslide. A large cave would have been better but there were none in this area and even if there were, her people would have to fight a family of cave bears for it. Never a good idea.

As she and Credo were climbing around the base of the pile, she heard the most frightening shrieks and screams she had ever heard. It was undeniable, the sounds were coming from the direction of the encampment. She immediately signaled Credo to run ahead. She followed as fast as she could. Upon arrival, one Terror Bird lay dead near the main fire pit and two clansmen were badly injured. It looked like one of the injured would soon die. Eva knew the war was now engaged.

Eva was told up to five Terror Birds had attacked the camp. They circled it and then rushed the adult defenders from two separate sides. While the two flanks were being attacked, a single bird came from a third direction toward the children who were surrounding the central fire pit. One of the elder men got off a perfect sling rock that hit the bird in one of its eyes. Two adults left the perimeter defense and attacked the injured bird with spears. The attacker was mortally wounded but had badly mauled the two adult defenders. After the bird was killed the rest retreated.

Eva was proud of her people but knew there would be future attacks. Unless her Clan left, the birds would continue the assault. The price was high but, in the end, they got some food and defended themselves. They would live to fight another day.

Eva slept that night but wrestled with her thoughts. The injured and the dying concerned her, but she would have sacrificed herself as they did for the same reasons. She was without mate or child because she was deformed. The ways of her people demanded that from her. She knew no other life. Her parents had long since succumbed to starvation. Credo was now her family. He was her child and companion. Her duty was to lead her people and help them survive and eventually thrive again. The weather had been harsh, and the rain had vanished for months now. There was hope the snows would come and next spring would return to normal, but she was afraid only the bitter cold would come instead. If they survived this winter, they might have to leave their hunting grounds to find other territory. This too might be a death sentence. They would most likely have to fight other Clans and other species to venture into their hunting grounds.

The hope was that with deep snow, hunting and tracking the scarce game would be made easier. The surviving bison would be encumbered by the snow and come into the range of the Clan’s spears and slings. She knew she could not leave, she had to fight the Terror Birds for what little game existed until the snows came. Her people were as desperate as she knew the birds were, possibly only one species would triumph, and Eva intended it to be her Clan. At least the killed Terror Bird would feed the group for several days and might give them the strength to accomplish much more than just surviving a few more days.

When Eva woke in the early morning Credo was already sniffing around the main fire pit for breakfast. Some cooked bird sounded like a good start to his day. Eva went over to the fire and cut off some large chunks off the carcass and gave it to Credo who devoured it quickly ending the repast without anything but a loud burp and the licking of his lips and paws. He purred and rubbed his long powerful body against Eva to thank her for his meal.

Eva felt it was time to call a meeting to discuss what was next. All were present, young, old, and injured, a total of maybe fifty people. The badly wounded male was still alive and was showing signs of improvement. The herbal based antibiotic bandages, laced with sulfur had prevented infection from taking the warrior’s life. The injuries were severe; however, the clansman presently was without infection and food was available, and if this continued survival was possible.

Eva could count on possibly fifteen strong adults that could do some heavy lifting. Her plan was simple but strenuous. She was going to move the clan to the landslide and dig down and remove smaller rocks, silt, and dirt from between the larger boulders; making spaces where her people could fit within the rocks. The Clan had never tried anything like this. Their winter home had been moss, leaves, pelts and furs lining snow caves built into drifts of snow. In her mind, this excavation was not a permanent home but a safe room for the people left behind when the warriors went out to hunt and gather. This way the predators could not get to the young, wounded and elders. The openings for the Clansmen would be sized to allow their entrance but not their predators. Theoretically, a few spears wielded by the elderly would protect the narrow entrances from even the strongest, largest and most enthusiastic attacker. Thus, Eva’s landslide would now become the fortress for her people. Now the dream made sense!

She was in a race to move the Clan and start excavation before the Birds attacked again. Eva sent Credo to circle the formation as they moved, he would alarm them if the Birds were gathering for a new attack. She chided and pushed her fellow Clansmen to move quickly. They built drags for the two injured warriors and kept the young and old in the center of their formation. No one went out to hunt or gather, they stayed within sight and touch of each other. Though Eva got to the rock pile in thirty minutes before, this group would take two hours to make the same journey.

Initially, things went smoothly but within an hour Credo gave a warning growl. The others did not understand but Eva knew immediately. She had one of the men climb a tree and act as look out. She sent out an advanced guard of two warriors to do the same thing. She then sent five ahead to secure the rock pile. While on the move the group was most vulnerable. Within a few minutes of Credo’s warning. two Terror Birds appeared in front of the group. Two then appeared to their rear.

Suspecting the same tactics from the previous attack. Eva ordered the remaining warriors to align themselves on the two flanks of their formation. Within seconds, two birds surged from the underbrush towards the middle of the right flank of the group. One bird got to their center and killed two children instantly. The other bird never made it to the defenders. He was hit with several sling rocks and run through by at least three spears. The bird that reached the core of the Clan sliced straight through and had disappeared into the underbrush. Eva ordered everyone to get down. And to start torches. Hoping the fire would discourage a new assault.

After an hour there were no new attacks. Credo gave Eva an all clear growl and she ordered the clan to pick up the dead children and butcher the lifeless bird. Within a few minutes the group was on its way to the rock pile. She grieved for the two lost children but understood the way of life. They had survived by eating the bird’s eggs and these vicious birds had returned the favor. When and how this would end was now beyond her comprehension. They soon arrived at the landslide.

Eva gave the order to make camp. She placed lookouts on the top of the rocks and had the pile become the rear flank of the encampment. She sent several of the children with torches to look for gaps, cracks and clefts in the pile. Within a couple of hours, the group had settled down for the night. The pile was so irregular, she felt the birds could not easily negotiate it with any speed or ability to launch an attack.

She ordered all the brush and small trees removed in a wide arc around the camp and the rocks. The group worked continually for hours before they sat down to eat and mourn the death of the two children. Their custom was to leave the bodies of the dead in trees on small platforms. Because of their situation, they didn’t want to leave the children’s bodies for the Terror Birds, so Eva ordered them cremated. The Clan built a large fire pit on the outside of the encampment and burned their remains. The drought had made the availability of materials to build large funeral piers very easy.

Eva did not sleep. She wondered all night if their enemies would return. She had lost two children and had two badly injured warriors. She had killed two of the enemy and destroyed most of their next generation of chicks. The eggs she took to feed her clan were probably the last or only clutch before winter. To her knowledge, their small population, indicated they didn’t reproduce frequently, and then few hatchlings even survive into adulthood. So, their actions might have already struck deeply at their survival numbers for future generations. So be it. It was now a war of extinction as far as she was concerned.

Eva decided the Clan would not move again before thaw. This was now their winter home and maybe to become their four seasons home. Until now she had never considered such a thing. However, the food was available here all year long. The only reason they didn’t stay before was the Terror Birds. Necessity caused by drought had brought them here and the defeat/elimination of the Terror Birds might change their entire fortunes for generations to come.

Several days after the Clan settled into the new camp, Credo lays with his body next to his guardian and purrs delightfully, she is deep in thought. Eva is planning an offensive. She muses: now that the pile is properly prepared and fortified, it is a haven for the clansmen and the hunted become the hunters. I know where their nests are. She wonders: are they intelligent enough to move to a new location? It was obvious to Eva the Birds had never feared discovery. The Thermals had been their safe place for eons. It provided warmth, camouflage, and even obliterated their scent because of the sulfur laced gasses. Eva thinks; Credo discovered it and we will exploit it again, If they are not able to adapt and nest elsewhere, next year will be their fall. Next year will be their end! .

To be continues . . .

Asteroid Hunting (Excerpt from) Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Asteroid Hunting

To Mona, there was a piece that continued to gnaw at her regarding the asteroid belt that the dwarf planet Ceres was a part of; she felt that it may be somehow connected to the impact event on Mars. She was in the perfect spot to investigate such speculation because she was orbiting Ceres. Mona asked, “Levie?”

Mona talking with Levie

Levie, always in touch, responded, “Yes, M.”

Mona asked, “The theories regarding the asteroid belt … please review and evaluate.”

“Yes, M.”

Mona went on. “Could Ceres have been a moon to a planet that was destroyed in the vicinity of the asteroid belt?”

“Not according to prevailing accepted cosmological theory. It was formed early in the solar system’s formation, 4.5 billion years ago, and the remaining asteroids in the belt were remnants of a never-formed larger planet body.”

“Could the larger planet body have been in existence within the last five hundred thousand years—let’s say four hundred thousand years, give or take a small percentage?”

“Not according to prevailing theory, but not impossible,” Levie exclaimed.

Mona needed all the known details. “Levie, is there any way to test my theory regarding the age of an asteroid’s formation?”

“Yes, by measuring their isotopic composition to find their age and other characteristics. The problem, assuming the asteroids in the belt are fragments of a larger body, is how to find the newest byproducts of an impact or explosion on an asteroid.”

“Levie, let’s transfer all remaining personnel from your holds to other mother ships or to Ceres immediately. We be asteroid hunting!”

Mona engaged the thrusters to slide Leviathan out of Ceres’s orbit. Leviathan had transferred all noncrew personnel to other ships or to Ceres’s interior. Mona had requested forensic geologists and a team of scientists equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to date selected asteroid samples in the belt. All Mona really needed was to find examples of explosive deformation where heat and recrystallization had reset the ionized materials’ isotope clocks back to zero; the concentration ratios of such isotopes would indicate a young sample instead of an ancient one.

Of specific interest was zirconium silicate, which could be dated in rocks that formed from about 1 million years ago to over 4.5 billion years ago with routine precisions in the 0.1–1 percent range. If zirconium is found that dates younger than billions of years, that would be evidence that may indicate the asteroids were from a destructive process not long ago at all.

 Within the first few hours, Mona found an asteroid that showed promise. Her experience in prospecting for rare Earth elements had honed Mona’s techniques to maneuver Leviathan close enough to use grappling hooks and stabilized hydraulic spacers. These spacers prevented damage to Leviathan’s hull. A team of geologists were sent in near weightless conditions to take samples that showed any areas of heat metamorphosis or igneous intrusions on the surface.

Once the materials were inside, the dating trials began. It was immediately apparent that some of the samples were showing ages under the lowest limits of accuracy, because they were much too young to be dated. In geologic terms, they were brand new. Further testing for thorium isotopes, including thorium 229, showed ratios consistent with rock formation approximately four hundred thousand years ago. Bingo! A planet larger than Ceres may have existed in the asteroid belt and been destroyed some four hundred thousand years ago.

The final report to the Prometheus Council was as follows:

  • Mars was nearly destroyed two hundred thousand years ago.
  • An unknown planet in the asteroid belt for which Ceres may have been a moon was possibly destroyed approximately four hundred thousand years ago.
  • The Voynich manuscript confirms the date of Mars’s destruction to be two hundred thousand years ago and predicts disaster next year to Earth. The prehumans left in possible anticipation of a significant threat.
  • The prophets of the Prometheus Council predict disaster next year as well.
  • So we have multiple sources predicting a periodic cycle of destruction within our solar system every two hundred thousand years.
  • We are now due for the next occurrence.
  • Finally, the ‘danger out there’ may well be coming from the Pillars of Creation and possibly from the areas blanked out on purpose.

The Prometheus Investigation Team’s recommendations included the following:

  • Reorient all available telescopes operating in the spectra of visible light and nonvisible light toward the Pillars of Creation (especially those in the vicinity of Ceres).
  • Determine why the prehumans evacuated, if possible.

Devise a plan to destroy or deflect one or more incoming killer-size comets or other threat.

“The Largest Man Made Canal System on Earth From free Web Book” ‘’

My graphic of what I think it looked like several thousands of years ago.

The research of John Jensen and Gary Schoening are impressive. I reviewed the material and did my own research. I could find nothing that disproved their speculation and research. In my opinion it is significant evidence that a large highly sophisticated population could have existed on the Earth many thousand years ago. This parallels my research presented in my book Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making.

Actual Google Earth images of the remnants of the system

“The entire complex covers an area about equal in size to the State of Arizona in the USA. The canals are an integrated system of apparent irrigation and agricultural (and probably aquaculture) design. The system is about 350 miles in width and about 300 miles in depth. (For the remnants still visible.) This system represents roughly 67 MILLION acres of sustainable agriculture. Given the sophistication of design, it is entirely plausible to assume an above average yield, i.e. feeding well over 90 persons per acre on an annual basis. The system may or may not have provided a sustainable aquaculture (marine farming) environment. I have no reason to suspect that it did not.

Different estimates of the numbers of people this sustainable system would supply varies widely, though it is generally accepted that a system like this, if properly managed would provide a complete annual diet for somewhere between 60 to 120 people per acre. Which means this system was in fact providing food for an average of about 5 Billion people.”

First brought to my attention by Gary Schoening. Here is his original Vimeo post:

SEX, SEX, SEX short story from The Honest Alien by George B Author of Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Three participating member reproductive system . . . that destroyed Mars


You will have to excuse me. It has been a long day and I agreed to meet Harry and his girlfriend in the Bar for a drink. That is him at the end of the Bar.

SEX, SEX, SEX from The Honest Alien, Al . . . a short story or possibly a book, Fiction or is it? . . . by George B. (All rights reserved published work (c) 2016 George B.)

Sex: By-the-way, my claim to fame is I suggested the two-sex reproductive system. Of which I am NOT a product of myself. Our Mono system is very boring and is the slowest foundation for evolutionary change and progress . . . relying primarily on spontaneous mutations caused by cosmic rays, etc. rather than being sped up by DNA re-combinations coming from at least two motivated and passionate donors. That is not to say there are not occasional DNA-swaps but it is most clinical and without emotion, passion or intrigue.

While I suggested the two-gender system. It was not my decision to make. But without my input it was going to be the mono sex system one finds in most of the Andromeda system. Being as I implied above, a rather boring process devoid of intrigue and romance at any level, I am very happy the two-sex system for Earth was adopted!

As a side note, the three-gender system has been used in your solar system resulting in a total disaster and is the reason there is no atmosphere left on Mars not to mention the destruction of that planet between Mars and Jupiter. How this happened is such a long story and would take too much time to explain right now. Needless to say, a three-legged stool is not more stable than a one or two-legged stool; at least when it comes to reproduction.

The system is a three-way DNA recombination. Theoretically, this results in quicker evolution, a lower birth rate but higher offspring survival to reproductive age.

This requires an egg donor, sperm donor and the incubator. A process where all three must be present at the same time. The incubator having the only uterus of the three and also possesses a full set of DNA, which will not activate without the other two DNA sources mixing and matching with the third set.

Interestingly all three must be there, not for fertilization, but to assure zygote maturation. Unlike the mono and two- sex gender systems which evolve naturally the three-gender system is artificially derived through genetic manipulation.

It was developed to maximizes the rate of genetic re-combinations thereby increasing the rate of evolution by one third.

Though the three-gender system has its advantages . . . it was a complete failure on Mars. My counterpart Harry is the culprit on this one. He was early in his tenure as an operative and wanted to quickly bring Mars to the evolutionary equivalent of a much older planet.

What an idiot!! If he had only studied the archives in the Orion System he would have known that disaster is the consequence of pushing physical evolution faster than a species is able to integrate its new-found capabilities. As you Earth people say it was a “Train Wreck!”

We were lucky we only lost the atmosphere on Mars and unfortunately our planet listening post between Mars and Jupiter. The Asteroid belt is now an interesting feature of your solar system but the planet there was really a nice observation platform for the TrollShillian Collective. However, we were able to move it to Ceres, the destroyed Planet’s moon.

And to think this could have been avoided simply by a low-level civil servant doing the proper amount of due diligence and research before tinkering with reproduction strategies.

You think the war between two sexes is bad, just think about a third participant in the mix!!

I hope you don’t mind if I smoke. Smoking is a nasty habit from Earth that has become the rage in the Collective. You amaze us by your desire to degrade, destroy and otherwise commit slow suicide in the quest for temporary pleasure and escape. How we love you guys!

In case you are curious, the creature to my left is Sam, a close associate of Harry. You met Harry and his girlfriend in the Bar previously. They are both staying with me a few days. Seems Harry and Sam got a chance to escape the water world they were sentenced to because of their less than stellar management of Mars. A constant reminder the Collective never forgives or forgets.

Sam, Mr Mars screw-up operative, is now on a squid dominated water world, no mixed drinks, nothing but sushi, and water polo instead of golf! He and Sam are now an eternal example of don’t piss off the management!