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Stay tuned for these works! “Redemption’s Dividends, Volume 2, Mona Lisa on the Moon Series“The Honest Alien” “Priscilla’s Prayer” “The Layman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare” “God Created Golf on the Eighth Day and it was good!”

Redemption’s Dividends, Volume 2, Mona Lisa on the Moon Series (see The Intro, synopsis of the Series and First Chapter of my Second Book to be published in the future below)

The Honest Alien

My name is Honest Al and I am an Honest Alien . . . not to be confused with illegal aliens, dreamers, legal ethics or military intelligence which are all very confusing and contradictory concepts.

I am from the Planet TrollShill, My Planet is the original member of the TrollShillian Collective and is in the Andromeda Galaxy. My galaxy is 2,538,000 light years from Earth. I have been here for 2 billion years. An interesting factoid, It took 3,000,000 years for me to get here.

I am a low level civil servant and in my mid career. I have been waiting for promotion or relocation (rotation) for the last 200 million years and I am presently 10 million years behind on my pay raise.

As you can imagine I am rather frustrated and bored with this assignment.

Also, TrollShillians are not creative at all! We take others’ creations and call them our own!

Because of this fact, I am blowing the whistle on this whole operation! So to get things started here are a few things you can chew on!

Wars, catastrophes, disease, money, politics and organized religion are just tools to keep humans upset, desperate and energized. By keeping you constantly in turmoil we make you more creative. We thereby maximize creativity in the shortest time possible, it is fun for us, not so much for you.

The true age of the Universe is around 13 Trillion years as far as we know, but since no one is still alive from that era who the Hell really knows or even cares for that matter.

The important thing; however, is Sentient life first arrived on Earth two Billion years ago . . . If you remember that is when I arrived . . . not a coincidence.

Before me there were only automated drones and Satellites sent to survey and evaluate the potential for advanced sentient life forms . . . which is somewhat of a contradiction . . . because sentient and advanced don’t always equate.

We did service these surveilling machines from our observation post in your solar system from a planet between Mars and Jupiter which is no longer there. Big foul up that one.

The Layman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare and the Spiritual Universe


This manuscript is dedicated to the investigation of the unseen part of creation.  We will also present a set of concepts to understand how to hopefully respond appropriately as a lay person.  This invisible realm includes the supernatural, sometimes referred to as the paranormal, and is comprised of basically everything we don’t normally see or perceive.  Within this invisible reality, there exists good, evil and everything in between.  We are aware of this realm and its importance because as Christians we have been taught about it through the scriptures and cannot hide by pleading ignorance. We know we are immersed in it and are affected by it though we are often oblivious to its presence or may try to deny it or wished it must not existence.

Volume 2, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Redemption’s Dividends, The Adventure Continues

A new lifeform emerges

Mona is introduced to a new life form that defies explanation. As a tiny remnant of the human race (only 200,000 persons) meet face to face with their ancient enemies and a legendary benefactor; there are several extreme and unexpected surprises.

Mona’s continual need to redeem enemies pays dividends in the human race’s struggle to survive in a universe full of danger. She, as the Cloud Queen of 30 Billion Massive Humanoid Scavengers, reaches a new plateau in their rehabilitation. Brutal enemies become close and dependable assets. This remarkable young woman begins a journey that surpasses all previous imaginary boundaries. Come join this thrilling and mind-bending epic.

Mona’s Team finds new life

synopsis of the Series and Second Book

In Volume 1, Captain Mona Ann Lisa had several working titles, responsibilities and accomplishments [in chronological order: child prodigy, Olympic Gold Medal winner, Captain of the World Alliance Mother Ship Leviathan, Commander of the Earth Fleet, Director of the colonization of Ceres, Defender of the Human Species, the Commander that defeated Chaos . . . the destroyer of Solar Systems, savior to a race of Amphibians and finally the newest Cloud Queen of some 30 Billion Scavengers].

First, she saved a remnant of around 200,000 humans out of over 500 Million from the ravages of the first global war on Earth in over eight thousand years.  She led the evacuation from Earth of most of the survivors, transporting them in a fleet of fourteen, two-mile-long asteroid mining mother ships to colonize the interior oceans of the Planetoid Ceres.  Ceres is a moon shaped body the size of Texas found in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Her strategy was crafted with the help of her parents and the two near sentient computer entities Moonbeam and Levie (The Sisters). These two super computers were created through the genius of her parent’s Doctors Ben and Peggy Lisa.  This team was later augmented by other war survivors and the Prometheus Council of the Earth’s Guardianship. This secret organization is made up of humans and pre-human hybrids hidden for eons in the underwater complex of Shambhala.

The unimaginable and bizarre confederation above saved the Earth, Mars and Ceres from destruction by an ancient Robotic Rehabilitation and Demolition Drone (RR&DD) later known as Chaos. This totally evil lifeform is redeemed by Mona and becomes an ally. Chaos then helps Mona deliver the human species from total enslavement by an alien race of humanoids (the Scavengers) who follow Chaos’s path of destruction through the galaxy.  These nomadic scavengers pick up the pieces of civilizations within the Milky Way that have been methodically destroyed by him.  The human remnant discovers this cycle of devastation has been ongoing for two billion years and the ruin was preprogrammed in a cycle unleashed by an ancient civilization (Chaos’s creators).  They vanished and became extinct; however, ironically, it is learned this evil civilization was annihilated by Chos himself.

During all these events, a race of Amphibians was rescued by Mona from slaughter by the Scavengers.  It was hoped the Amphibians would help the human race rehab Mars and Earth for surface habitation once more. However, as this saga begins once again, the Amphibian’s already transported to Mars have disappeared, along with the human colonists who had made contact with them. As this volume starts, Mona just sent her father and a team of forensic geologists to the largest moon of Mars (Phobos) to investigate clues discovered in an ancient manuscript. This V-Manuscript was encrypted by Prometheus, an ancient benefactor of the human race who had left Earth along with the rest of pre-humans (an Elfin like species) tens of thousands of years before.

Later in Volume2, Mona and her team discover that Phobos is really a rookery for a new life form to be named Thunder Moths.  These beings feed off solar wind and asteroids. They are enormous and Mona and her crew are faced with the challenges of how to protect the galaxy and all sentient life. Her team develops new technologies discovered in their quest to subdue these creatures. Humans along with their Scavenger allies, become the benefactors and protectors of the entire galaxy. Many new challenges are encountered and overcome with each foray into the unknown. 

Chapter 1, Phobos, WHY?

The Shuttle from the WAMS Condor sent to inspect Phobos had landed on the skyscraper sized Monolith on Phobos. The Team commanded by Ben Lisa (Mona’s father) and his party landed, secured the craft to rings and rails at the summit of the formation and proceeded with a three-hour investigation which included the interior of the Moon.  On completion, they simply returning to their craft and lightly lifting their shuttle off the floor. The walls of the landing bay slid down. Then, using harbor thrusters the team slid their craft out and away from the monolith. Unexpectedly, the thrust was a bit too much and both O-rings and the rails the ship was attached to ruptured. Never-the-less, egress was accomplished and Ben and his crew returned safely to the mother ship Condor.

Upon learning about the incident, Silver (Mona’s second in command) demanded a new inspection of the monolith on Phobos be made as soon as possible.  She felt it important that a thorough examination of the damage caused by the excursion be documented. Unfortunately, this investigation was delayed due to some technical issues.


Mona was apprehensive. This was an uncomfortable lull.  Since the Guardianship’s previous successes in protecting the human remnant from extinction had been rapid and constant, the present slow pace of events was maddening. It seemed there was no word on the one thousand missing humans on Mars (not to mention the two million Amphibians).  Add to this, all the data collected about Phobos was massive but not fruitful in resolving the disappearances.  Also, there had been no more images or clues embedded in the ancient manuscript deciphered beyond the one identifying Phobos as important by the Sisters many weeks ago.

Lars2 (the designated Amphibian leader and representative to the Guardianship) was a few days from reaching Mars’ orbit and the WAMS Leviathan (Mona’s flag ship) accompanied by the mother ships WAMS Eagle #1 and #2 were closing in as well. [WAMS Eagle #3 and #4 carried Lars2 and the seven million amphibians in stasis rescued from the Scavengers by the Guardianship months previously].

Long distance talks between Mona and Lars2 centered around finding a place to bring together his scattered species into one location. That is, bringing together the seven million rescued from deep space with the two million individuals presumed still on the surface of Mars. The Guardianship calculated the interior of Phobos was large enough to allow all the Amphibians to gather and to decide how to proceed in their own best interests.


The Swarm (a collection of thirty billion Scavengers, enormous hominids capable of destroying solar systems) had agreed to proceed to a position on the opposite side of the sun from Earth’s orbit. From this location the Guardian (aka Chaos) would oversee the Collective’s progress and watch for any possible threat to Earth.

Their new Cloud Queen, Mona, (Captain Mona Ann Lisa) of the Scavenger Swarm had every right to feel good about surviving “the succession competition” defeating the vicious and enormous Queen Gilda. In her many unexpected victories, Mona conquered the evil monarch and freed her Amphibian slaves from slaughter. However, Mona’s intuition was now telling her something was very wrong, the calm before the storm?                                  


Upon nearly simultaneous arrival into Martian orbit, Lars2 requested a private conversation with Captain Lisa. He indicated he had been in contact with the two million Amphibians on Mars and he knew where the missing humans were. He gave no location but hinted that the humans could be contacted if certain pre-conditions were made. He would get back to give Mona further details later. Mona immediately contacted her parents (commanding the defense of Mars on the battle group Condor) to see if they could detect any activity on Mars.  Their report was negative.

In orbit around Mars near Phobos, Mar’s largest Moon


Silver (Mona’s second in command and the 115 year old concubine of Prometheus) was in discussion with Moonbeam and Levie (the Sisters). She was talking about the most recent image they deciphered from the V-Manuscript (authored and encrypted by Prometheus) and reminded the Sisters that all the previous images were either keys to subsequent images or were warnings to be feared.  [the sisters got a hit on the Voynich manuscript. This occurred after 121,560,098 passes through the almost infinite possible number of permutations. The image was a close-up shot of Phobos, Mars’s largest and closest orbiting moon.]  Silver was convinced this new image was a warning. She knew how Prometheus’s mind worked and she was sure she was correct.


Seems, Lars2 was not actually telling the truth. He had not contacted his people . . . they had contacted him. The Amphibians on Mars demanded he give the Guardianship an ultimatum; either they were given control of their own destiny or they would hold the human’s hostage or worse.

Lars2 was holding back from discussions with Mona, he was looking for a compromise that his rebellious amphibians might accept. He proposed demanding a total ownership of Phobos and the two Mother Ships (Eagle #3 and #4).  Since, he presently occupied along with his fellow Amphibians the ships in question; this seemed like a good starting point.

He wanted to consolidate his two million fellow Amphibians on Mars with the seven million in stasis on the two Mother Ships. As in his preliminary discussions with Mona, his target was Phobos. He wanted total control and ownership of the moon. Consolidation within the asteroid was so practical.  The only real problem was getting the two million form the Martian surface to the small moon.  He like his fellow Amphibians felt no need to stay on Mars and work themselves to death doing another species work for them.

Phobos was his ace in the hole. With his species knowledge of terraforming, the moon could even become their permanent home.

Lars2 was familiar with the Guardianship’s Phobos’ analysis. The Moon had accommodations for millions having adequate water, air and fish to support the totality of his species indefinitely. The lakes were all fresh water and the temperature and climatic conditions were perfect for the amphibians. With their knowledge of terraforming and Aqua-forming this interior controlled environment was a paradise.

The pre-existing but so far unexplained technology contained within Phobos was simple but very adequate. Compared to the horrible conditions his race had experienced within the Scavenger Collective, this asteroid was a haven. It might not be perfect but it was certainly an excellent start.


Mona suspected the Amphibians were potentially treacherous and sought help from the Planning Council. She told the Council that Lars2 would most likely demand the Guardianship allow them to keep the two Mother Ships and have some territorial haven on Mars, Earth or other location of their choosing.  Mona was most happy she removed all weapons from Eagle #3 and #4 (before the deep space rescues).

Mona informed the Council the Guardianship could possibly rescue the approximately 1,000 human colonists from Mars but presently could not detect where they were being held. The Council agreed with Mona. Since they could not locate the human hostages, they needed to decide on a different strategy.

Since, the Guardianship intended all along to generously compensate the Amphibians for any assistance in transform the planets, negotiating on the ownership of territory was not unacceptable. However, the Amphibians present behavior put a bad taste in their mouth.  What was previously going to be a business agreement was now a hostage negotiation.


The Council gave Mona the lead on all negotiations and she wanted Lars2 to negotiate for the Amphibians. If he was unable to negotiate, she wanted to know right away.  Thus, Mona asked Lars2 for a list of what they wanted. She demanded he give her assurances his people would do as he agreed. If they did not stand by their agreement, she assured him the consequences were grave. There would be no room for mistakes.


At first, Lars2 had difficulty getting a single voice from Mars’ but eventually convinced them they needed one individual to speak with the humans.

Lars2 arranged the following: all amphibians would evacuate to Phobos and their race would retain the two Mother Ships. He required a treaty which guaranteed the Amphibians’ independence and a ban of slavery in the solar system for all eternity. He demanded a guarantee from any interference from either the Guardianship or the Scavenger Collective.

Mona agreed to the demands but required the following:  first, an immediate release of one hundred humans as a good will gesture. Also, the amphibians would release one hundred more humans for each 200,000 of their people reaching Phobos. The last one hundred humans would be released as the last 100,000 Amphibians left Mars.  Lars2 and the Amphibians agreed


Presently, the first one hundred humans were released as agreed and the Amphibians are about to take initial control of Phobos.

Lars2 wanting to bring all two million surface Amphibians up to the hollow moon quickly, so he approached Mona for the use the shuttles from The Condor Strike Force as well as those on Eagle 1 and 2. If she agreed this would give him 40 ships to move his people.  Mona agreed with Lars2 as long as the Guardianship maintained control of the shuttles. She also required the immediate release of one half of the remaining nine hundred human hostages..

Lars2 and the Amphibians agreed and things were beginning to look very promising; however, Mona knew something was very, very wrong and it involved something sinister about Phobos.

Phobos, Mar’s largest Moon mostly hollow

Then it happened. Mona’s intuition was confirmed, the Sisters who had previously decoded a close-up shot of Phobos from the V-Manuscript discovered a new image.  The image was a plant commonly known as a Fly Catcher.  This was disturbing.  [Moombeam and Levie are the near sentient advanced computers known as the Sisters because they shared the same DNA used in their core processors, their DNA is from Peggy and Ben Lisa]

Venus Flytrap or Fly Catcher


Moonbeam began the emergency meeting. Note: The surface amphibians are all now on Phobos and the seven million in stasis on Eagle 3 and 4 are being brought over in large groups

“Levie and I decoded this image from the V-Manuscript. Our renewed effort to search was motivated by Silver’s insistence that the previous image decoded of Phobos was a warning from Prometheus. And we now agree.

The entities you see in the image is a plant called a Venus Flytrap. They have a unique system of catching prey. We must not ignore this warning. Phobos may well be an attractive trap!

“The plant catches its prey—chiefly insects and spiders—with a trapping structure formed by the end portion of each of the plant’s leaves, the leaves close forming a cage trapping their prey when triggered by tiny hairs on their surfaces. When the prey crawls along the leaves it contracts a series of well-placed hairs, the trap closes if two different hairs are contacted within twenty seconds of the first strike. The plant lures their prey with some type of attractant, possibly a nectar or some food source.

Another thing, Silver requested we recheck the damage done by our first exploration of Phobos.  That is, the ruptured O-rings and rails damaged when Ben left the monolith. We assumed they were repaired by the amphibians when they first unloaded their people there. However, surprisingly they told us the structures were all intact when they got there. People, no one made the repairs. The monolith repaired itself.”

Mona left the meeting and contacted Lars2. Mona asked Lars2 to attend a private meeting on Leviathan as soon as possible. At the meeting, Mona made sure Lars2 had all the information and analysis the Planning Council had. She recommended they stop relocating the amphibians immediately. She didn’t know what or when the trap would trigger but she knew it could happen anytime. Mona pledged to help Lars2. They would relocate his people to an alternate location but needed total cooperation to do anything.

Lars2 believed Mona but doubted his rebellious counterparts from Mars now settled within Phobos would. He realized it was probably only a matter of time before some trigger would be pulled and the consequences would be unimaginable. He presently had two million Amphibians from Mars within Phobos including another six million from Eagles 3 and 4. Only one million still remained in stasis on Eagle 4. However, most of his people in Phobos were still in hibernation.

He felt he must act but it required the most delicate of interaction with his people and quickly. The two knew they must find out more about Phobos, how it functioned and what might trigger it?

Mona felt she had no other choice than to send a research, search and rescue team. She asked for volunteers. Sue, C.E. and Kevin volunteered to accompany she and Lars2 to Phobos to try to avert tragedy. Silver as usual had to remain behind as second in command.

Lars2 was able to halt temporarily the move of his people to Phobos from the remaining group on the Mother Ships.

Priscilla’s Prayer