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Yellowstone National Park with Linda my CoAuthor

Author George B has always been a fan of science fiction, science, religion, fantasy, history, military science, astronomy, theoretical physics, law, medicine, and philosophy. He is now retired but worked for years in several areas of scientific research and application. He started out in the biological sciences, moved to law, was drafted out of law school during the Vietnam War, and later migrated into industrial psychology, computer-assisted analysis, programming, systems analysis, decision analysis, and risk management. Afterward, he transitioned into military science, medicine, artificial intelligence, robotics, and leadership. Throughout, he was known as a troubleshooter and investigator. He was associated with research and development, participating in management and coordination at a national level. He returned to the study of law before finally retiring in 2007. His hobbies include photography, golf, hiking, graphics, research of alternate history, and, of course, writing, not to mention spending time with his dog, Foxy. He shares his life with his very lovely and dear best friend and wife of thirty-nine years, Linda.

LInda his my coconspirator, she is experienced in the arts and medicine. Linda is a retired teacher, registered nurse, and an accomplished musician. She still teaches piano, and plays the piano (organ occasionally) for our church at services, weddings, and funerals. She is my reality check when it comes to the feminine perspective and rewrites many mistakes and misconceptions. She is a much better wordsmith than I and our combined creative efforts araeculminated in the works featured on this websiite.

Go to Amazon and search for: “Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making,” Struggle and Survival a Boneyard Saga, Short Story Anthology, and a new children’s book to be published soon, “Priscilla’s Prayer.”

Why did I write Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making?

I wrote this book because I was angry at a group of individuals that called themselves Alterwelt who were posting on the GLP a conspiracy discussion forum.  I had been following and corresponding with them for many, many months.  When I was angered, I had become isolated for several weeks without my usual forms of entertainment, except for my IPhone. I concluded the Group in question was either hoaxing us (a LARP, live action role-playing) with very imaginative fiction or was just playing a game releasing a few tantalizing truths in a cloud of unverifiable information. Both motivations became upsetting to me!

I decided someone could do the same thing as pure fiction. I had always written research reports, investigations analysis and policy for scientific and military procedure. So, I started the first volume as a demonstration. I originally wrote it as a screen play and included hundreds of graphics as a story board.  The story is based on my personal knowledge and experiences, some urban legends, futuristic scientific research, historical research/speculations and real documentation. The documentation, speculations and theories are presented in such a way no one can deny them as possibly being true or prove them false. I shared some of my research on the GLP Forum as I went along including the contents of this first volume. There are five to nine more volumes of the saga already roughly written in the thread.

At first, I really didn’t know where it was headed. I got such wonderful public and private feedback. I was encouraged to continue.  I never pretended to be a writer. I have no formal education as an author. Except for scientific and technical reports during my 30 year governmental career, I did not write for the general public. That is, until I retired and started posting on the discussion forum GLP, but have now done so since the Summer of 2009.

I feel, everyone has a story. It is whether you wish to share it or not. My trick is I usually create the graphics first. Then I wrote the story to fit the graphics. My writing is generally a stream of consciousness. I have used a minimum amount of structure, notes or outline.

I have poor editing skills so it takes me forever to get a volume ready for publication. I am a terrible speller and am uncomfortable with syntax and grammar. Despite all my weaknesses and ignorance, many have already enjoyed the epic. I have enjoyed telling the story as well.

I really didn’t read much fiction until around 2006. At that time I read several dozen including eighty three from one author alone. What I found then was, there is much truth buried in fascinating, imaginative storylines. Imagination is the key. I like telling what I think is true, or possibly true hidden in the layers of the onion created by my imagination.

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Coffee with Foxy in the backyard
Linda, Foxy and I wish you a very happy Christmas