Destruction of SpaceJump City from: Volume 1, Mona Lisa On the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Excerpt from the Book

The Black Magicians were furious. They could not believe that the weak and stupid WA could pull of such a well-planned operation right under their noses—especially when they had their inner-sphere entities informing them of their dark knowledge through their extrasensory perceptions. The first strike was on SpaceJump City and their launch facilities.

Mona was walking into her personal quarters, which she now shared with the ship’s chief medical technician, Commander Linda Smith, owing to the overcrowding on board.

Mona had a searing pain in her chest and stumbled to the bulkhead. She recovered, but an immediate odor and flash subdued her once more. She knew now with certainty that it had started. The war to end their beloved civilization had been initiated.

The AA thought that once they obliterated SpaceJump City, the WA would capitulate immediately. They sent commando teams to selectively breach the walls of the habitats and take control of the prized assets. It did not go as planned for either side. The WA didn’t get their strategic first strike, and the AA didn’t get the habitats.

The enormous destruction escalated with each miscalculation by the AA. They would not have expected the WA to have made or to have kept their sacred oath “to live as free men or die, and to die in freedom’s defense without surrender.”

Several hours after Mona’s chest pain, she saw the first image received on the daily intelligence brief from Earth. It was as devastating as her chest pain. It was the same image she had seen when she was selected as captain of the Leviathan. She now knew without doubt that she had seen the future exactly as it was to happen several months ago. What were the chances of it being a coincidence? Why had she never had these visions before? What could be their explanation?

Mona’s Frightening Vision, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Excerpt from the Book

Mona settled her stomach and cleared her mind, but before she could logically proceed to her next plan of action, lightning flashed through her optic nerve and the familiar odor overwhelmed her other senses. What she saw next was a vision more disturbing than any since that night hiking in the wilderness. The image that was assaulting her was the sight of a mushroom cloud rising over an otherwise peaceful tropical lagoon. Then she saw one of the near-Earth habitats being destroyed!

Mona in training, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Mona training to approach asteroids in near earth orbit

Mona is an exceptional pilot and her ability to rendezvous with space objects is amazing. Her love of space is obvious and her superiors are anxious to get her behind the controls of the next highly anticipated technical marvel. The WAMS Leviathan is the next prize available.  It is the first ship to have a quantum computer fully integrated into its operation and cybernetic connectivity available to allow simultaneous and instantaneous communication with the human captain.  Coincidentally, the computer for Leviathan was designed and constructed by Mona’s parents Doctors Ben and Peggy Lisa.

Excerpt from the Book

As Mona was ending her voice transmission with Dr. Sue Grammar, another communication appeared on Mona’s console. This one was from World Space Alliance Headquarters. There were data and image files attached. Still stunned by her conversation with Sue, she hesitated to open the new transmission, fearful of what she might find.

The transmission header stated, “Official orders for Captain Mona Ann Lisa of the World Alliance Mother Ship Leviathan.” Mona was shocked because the apprentice designation was missing. Is this what I think it is? raced through her mind.

Her hands shook as she pressed the icon that opened the transmission. The first file to open was the mission designation: the initial launch and shakedown cruise of the WAMS Leviathan. The mission statement and destination was next: “Launch from Orbital Habitat Six Deep Space Center within two months from today, resupply mission to Ceres fuel depot. Pick up existing mineral cargo, and crew due for rotation back to Earth. All other mission requirements will be communicated after launch.”

When Mona saw the encrypted images, she almost lost her breakfast. The first image was expected; it was the landmark on Ceres normally used to establish alignment and orbital synchrony with the massive asteroid. However, the second image shocked Mona. It appeared to be a target grid laid over the central plain of a well-known crater on the far side of the moon. There was also another overlay in blue on a feature; she could only guess at its purpose. Mona immediately wondered if her parents might know something about this image.

Nevertheless, Mona had to be on cloud nine; not since the Gold Medal ceremony at the World Games had she approached such heights of accomplished recognition. At barely over two hundred years of age, Mona had just become the youngest official captain of an off-world ship of any size or mission. If only she felt happy about her phenomenal accomplishments; however, all she could feel was nauseating apprehension.

SpaceJump City, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Ground level SpaceJump City, Mona’s home on Earth

Mona as a Space Vessel Captain’s Apprentice spent several years in near earth orbit doing maneuvers with simulated and real asteroids. Her training was to allow her to assume the control of the largest two-mile-long asteroid mining machine. It will be the fastest, and most advanced Mother Ship in the Earth’s fleet. There are thirteen other such ships in operation. They were assembled in low earth orbit at one of the human habitats circling the Earth.  These habitats are six in number and took one thousand years to build and is home for five hundred thousand souls. These structures are visual reminders of man’s advanced culture and cooperation.  They hang in the sky above the horizon and seem to have always been there. Two can be seen from SpaceJump City, the place Mona lives when not in space.

The Black Magicians, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Atlantis Alliance (AA) Black Magicians

It was the Black Magicians who had decided the long absence of war was not desirable. To them the human race had ceased to progress when, in fact, it was at its peak both physically and mentally, supporting amazing diversity and cultural freedoms.

Because of the weaknesses caused by any lack of struggle, the Atlantis Alliance could easily take over and enforce their version of a master race. They abhorred diversity and wanted one racial and ethnic group. This group they named the Aryans. Aryans would rule Earth as was their right; all other groups and races would be eliminated, enslaved, or worse.

Their studies and research regarding antiquities were censored and hidden to prove that only the pre-Aryan peoples were advanced and civilized. It became painfully obvious to the non-Aryan people of Earth that eight thousand years of peace was quickly coming to an end.

The World Alliance appeared weak and ineffective to the AA, but some had been concerned for years about the changes in the Atlantis Alliance. A small study group within the WA had run many computer models predicting the inevitable confrontation with the AA. This was later confirmed and validated by Captain Lisa and her parents. This tiny group was the genesis of the planning and resolve that allowed the World Alliance to fight to the bitter end.

Dr. Sue Grammar reported her findings to the appropriate authorities, and an analysis was done by the Doctors Lisa at the Moon Research Center with the powerful and most advanced semisentient AI entity in the alliance: Leviathan’s twin sister—or, maybe more appropriately, her older sister. Moonbeam, as she was affectionately called, confirmed the correlation with the four other ancient technology sites.

The alliance was now in business. They might, in one distinctly planned discovery, catch up to the AA and, just as important, do so without the AA’s knowledge.

In the months prior to Leviathan’s launch, Moonbeam was busy downloading the entirety of her history files and analysis algorithms to her sister Leviathan. It was wonderful having a partner to exchange thoughts with, and she felt happy at the prospect.

Moombeam as she saw herself if she were human

Moonbeam thought, Soon Leviathan will have a consciousness not unlike mine. We can have a relationship like the one I have with the Doctors Lisa. We can both serve the advancement of science and the protection of our creators. I am pleased.”