Al the Honest Alien Speaks: “We create chaos, confusion and deprivation.” from my upcoming new book . . .The Honest Alien

The Honest Alien, a short story or possibly a book, Fiction or is it? . . . by George B. (All rights reserved published work (c) 2016 George B.)

In the tradition of the Collective, we conquer what we pervert . . . and more completely pervert what we conquer.

We accomplish our goals by creating chaos, confusion and deprivation, without which there is truly no control.

Since the Swamp is already a cesspool of rot and decay, how could we make it worse you ask? Well, you underestimate me. Though it looks chaotic, it is rather a well balanced ecosystem. You see I am special because I can see this intricate structure. The Swamp has an amazing myriad of checks, balances and feed back systems already embedded. These I can, and will compromise. I am the destroyer, the provocateur, the Lord of Flies.

Simply, to grow a crop (or anything else) one needs to disrupt or destroy, seed or infest and then tend or nurture the crop. Later one then harvests the fruits of ones labors. And then you just repeat the cycle over and over again.

Often one needs to eliminate (or as you like to say, throw someone under the bus) like Mayhem (the Bug in the Operation Sheba tamed). When this becomes necessary, so be it, their bodies just become good fertilizer. As they rot, they feed the crops with nutrients. Are you beginning to get the picture I am painting?

I simply identify and then target the weakest link, pervert it, then use it to disrupt or leap frog over and neutralize other foundational structures. Before anyone suspects, I am in control. Everyone is confused and disoriented except me. I know what is coming next, so I dictate the context and flow of all future events. No one is my equal. So, that idiot they replaced me with as the Earth’s Station Chief will eventually find out this fact as well.

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