Destruction of SpaceJump City from: Volume 1, Mona Lisa On the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Excerpt from the Book

The Black Magicians were furious. They could not believe that the weak and stupid WA could pull of such a well-planned operation right under their noses—especially when they had their inner-sphere entities informing them of their dark knowledge through their extrasensory perceptions. The first strike was on SpaceJump City and their launch facilities.

Mona was walking into her personal quarters, which she now shared with the ship’s chief medical technician, Commander Linda Smith, owing to the overcrowding on board.

Mona had a searing pain in her chest and stumbled to the bulkhead. She recovered, but an immediate odor and flash subdued her once more. She knew now with certainty that it had started. The war to end their beloved civilization had been initiated.

The AA thought that once they obliterated SpaceJump City, the WA would capitulate immediately. They sent commando teams to selectively breach the walls of the habitats and take control of the prized assets. It did not go as planned for either side. The WA didn’t get their strategic first strike, and the AA didn’t get the habitats.

The enormous destruction escalated with each miscalculation by the AA. They would not have expected the WA to have made or to have kept their sacred oath “to live as free men or die, and to die in freedom’s defense without surrender.”

Several hours after Mona’s chest pain, she saw the first image received on the daily intelligence brief from Earth. It was as devastating as her chest pain. It was the same image she had seen when she was selected as captain of the Leviathan. She now knew without doubt that she had seen the future exactly as it was to happen several months ago. What were the chances of it being a coincidence? Why had she never had these visions before? What could be their explanation?

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