Excerpts revealing Leviathan and Levie, Characters from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making.

Leviathan (Mona’s Mothership) and home of Levie.  Levie, a female persona by design, is a near sentient quantum computer and sister to Moonbeam (an older computer first fabricated on the Moon by Captain Mona Ann Lisa’s parents (Doctors Ben and Peggy Lisa).  Levie, is newer than her sister, and is installed and fully integrated into the World Alliance Mothership the WAMS Leviathan.  Levie is the main force in the operation of the enormous two-mile-long asteroid mining vessel. She only answers to Mona. When connected to Captain Mona Lisa through cybernetic connections, Levie is fully operational.  This connection allows real-time, instantaneous communication and dual consciousness, a unique and first-time accomplishment.

Mona received an encrypted voice and image file of the proceedings of the war council. The first message received since the ion thrust had been shut down. Her first thoughts were about her parents. She knew without asking that they would be the last two humans on the moon from the World Alliance. The two thick-headed, stubborn, addlepated old farts that they were … she loved them all the more.

Mona started a dialogue with Levie. “Levie, status report please?”

Levie responded with quick and detailed accuracy, as always. “M … all readings normal. Proceeding at 77,564.02344 miles per hour toward Mars to accomplish Mars vicinity approach.”

Since there still were a few weeks before the need to alter Leviathan’s alignment with Mars (for the slingshot maneuver to Ceres), Mona had some time to think and reminisce. She knew her beloved wilderness near SpaceJump City might soon become only a memory.

Mona continued. “Levie, after updating the most recent data from the alliance, do you have any change in our success probabilities?”

“Only a marginal change, M,” Mona replied.

“That’s what I thought, but I just needed to ask anyway, Levie.”

Mona thought, I wonder what Sue and Jim are thinking. Their world is soon to crash into a black hole, and no one knows if they will come out the other end. Humankind is on the very edge of changes they cannot comprehend.

Mars had been stripped of most of its atmosphere two hundred thousand years before Leviathan made its approach. However, the alliance had been experimenting with terraforming the planet with plant species genetically capable of withstanding the extremes in temperature and UV radiation. They had met with some success.

Excerpts revealing Chaos, another interesting character from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Excerpts revealing Chaos, another interesting character from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making.

Chaos was expecting interference from the technically advanced sentient inhabitants of this solar system. They always thought it was easier to divert him from his target when the distance from his objective was the greatest. So he was ready to extend his force field around PlanetKiller at a second’s notice.

Chaos normally didn’t leave the shadow of his battering ram; to do so would tip off the inhabitants that the tumbling boulder in front was not the only problem. (This time it wasn’t that important; he had already tipped his hand because of the earlier interrogation from the sisters.) However, Chaos was so arrogant he didn’t feel the need to change his tactics.

Excerpts about Gilda from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Note: this passage is from a scene about the Cloud Queen (Gilda), the uncontested ruler of thirty billion Scavengers. Scavengers are a species of enormous hominids that were invading Earth’s solar system.

Excerpts revealing interesting characters from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Gilda having a discussion with her house staff

Gilda went berserk. She trashed half of her private quarters in the process. She yelled obscenities at her entire staff, vowing that when she won the Succession Competition she would have the idiot who had chosen the wolf pack fed alive to some truly vicious wolves (if some could be found, that is). Do I have to do everything, including train wolves, for God’s sake? she thought.

Sue had not been able to stop laughing during the competition and almost fell out of her chair. This was not lost on the queen when she saw the replay. So far, the queen was ahead in trials won, but inside she felt she was behind—very behind.

Mona standing by CapHead one of the Scavenger Tribal Leaders

What is the Lunar Dragonfly Guild?

What is the Lunar Dragonfly Guild?  First of all, LunarDragonFlyGuild is the name of my website and blog.

The Guild is a work in progress. One book published one step into the future.
The Guild is a work in progress. One book published one step into the future.

The name is a combination of several concepts from my imagination.  Lunar or moon is from my first book to be published: Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making.  This is the lead book of multiple volumes already written, but not yet published.  The series is a saga about an exceptional young woman, Captain Mona Ann Lisa and the history of the modern human species.  This story was inspired by an Urban Legend of an alleged secret space mission (Apollo 20) to the Moon where a female body in stasis was recovered from a highly advanced, crashed, two-mile-long spaceship.  This ship was thought to be many million or thousands of years old.

In my fictious story, I created Mona Ann Lisa, her family, and friends.  I created a history and placed her into a fantastic advanced civilization that existed on the Earth 32,000 years ago.  I modeled the civilization after the information presented by a group of alternate-history enthusiasts that called themselves Alterwelt. I have added much detail to their original concepts and have gone far beyond their limited time in history, location and science/technology discussed.

DragonFly is a favorite insect of mine and I am fascinated by its capabilities.  It is a most ancient and highly effective survivor, being found in great numbers in fossils throughout the world.  I use this insect motif to decorate my yard and garden.  I also had a dear friend that died all too young and she told me that when I see a dragonfly, it just might be her coming for a visit. 

In my story, the enormous spaceship that is Mona’s flagship is the Leviathan. Leviathan’s logo was chosen by Captain Lisa as was the custom in her culture. Thus, the Dragonfly was emblazoned on her hull before the ship’s launch.      

A Guild is a collection of artisans that band together to from a more capable and powerful presence than if there were no such group. It is my hope that someday the Lunar Dragonfly Guild will be a full-grown enterprise.  It will be much more than a book factory.  It will include a wide range of imaginative products including, graphics, photography, games, music, video and full-length movies, etc.

New Introduction Videos

I was sent today a thirty second and a ninety second version of the introduction to my book. These two presentations are the final product. I will try to link them to this post. They are available on my Twitter account. I think they look pretty good. I would be interested in your opinion. I think they both capture the essence of my first book in many ways. The thing that is not detailed in such a brief presentation are the challenges and threats that Mona faced and overcame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUmIgtQxSH0&feature=youtu.be and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8Rk9L7m-Jk&feature=youtu.be