The Launch of Leviathan (scene) from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

The Launch of Leviathan, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

The largest, fastest, most advanced Mother Ship ever built by mankind was launched today.

The above is the press release from the World Alliance. Captain Mona Ann Lisa gave the following speech just before the launch. It was viewed by most of the five hundred million people now existing on Earth, its orbiting habitats, the Moon and by delay Mars and the planetoid Ceres.

Mona began her announcement. “We launch today the fastest, largest, most capable spaceship ever constructed by humankind. This ship is dedicated to scientific research and to the progress of the entire human species. We celebrate this accomplishment just as we celebrated the construction of the six low-orbit habitats that circle our Earth. These are a visual reminder of our climb from the destruction of our first high civilization some thirty thousand years ago. Today we are a civilization who has progressed for eight thousand years without war. It is my fervent hope that this continues unabated for thirty thousand more years. I dedicate this magnificent ship to the search of everlasting peace. Thank you for your commitment and preparation for this mission. We now launch! Release the catwalks, engage the starboard and stern thrusters, and secure the harbor tugs. We are underway!”

Mona rushed from the podium as if on urgent official business. The truth was that she wanted no chance for congratulations or questions. The irony was that she talked about the fervent search for peace while she planned for the most destructive war the Earth has ever seen.

The WAMS Leviathan had moved almost one thousand miles from Earth before Mona engaged the ion drive. It would now pulsate with a blue-green glow not unlike the bioluminescent light from the aquatic tanks in the upper cargo hold. The drives would fire constantly for three weeks, accelerating from about 1,500 miles per hour to over 77,000 miles per hour. The Leviathan would then glide to within the vicinity of Mars before making another strategic maneuver.

Leviathan, two miles long and the newest ship in the World Alliance Fleet of Asteroid mining Motherships

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