Mona’s Team of the Earth’s Guardianship, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Ben Lisa, Peggy Lisa, Silver, Sue and Moonbeam behind, Members of the Prometheus Council of the Guardianship in a secret location under the ocean in a place called Shambhala

While Captain Mona Ann Lisa is on her way to Ceres this unusual team is forming in the strangest of all places. Doctors Ben and Peggy Lisa along with Moonbeam (their near sentient quantum computer) were kidnapped from their World Alliance Moon Research Center at the beginning of the Global War by the Guardianship. Dr. Sue Grammar (far right) was rescued from a pack of hungry wolves by Silver (a 115,000 year old concubine of Prometheus, a pre-human elf-like hominid). These five are the nexus of the team that will assist Mona accomplish the impossible.

Excerpt from the Book about the reason the team is together

Silver further explained to the scientists, “Do you not understand what you have done? You have completed the circle. You have pulled the inorganic matter out of the Earth, combining it with plant life, and have fashioned a tool that has now become a sentient life form to rival the most advanced biological creation ever evolved.

“That is why you are here, Ben and Peggy Lisa. We need you to ensure, as much as possible, that Moonbeam and Leviathan are not abused and used for evil purposes. Their combined capabilities make the Black Magicians’ abilities a plaything in comparison. The destruction not only of humankind but also Earth and maybe beyond is at stake.”

Shambhala is the under water haven of the Earth’s Guardianship, here they survive the catastrophic events on the surface and have done so for well over 100,000 years. They try to reboot the human civilizations if possible. Many thousands of years normally pass between total destruction on the surface caused by war or asteroid/comet impacts and a new high human civilization. Mona’s Global War is just one more such event.

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