CapHead a Character from Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

CapHead . . . The supreme leader of tribe II of the Cloud.  He is a massive humanoid some nine feet tall with blue or green skin color and weighing over 900 pounds.  This species call themselves Scavengers.  For at least a thousand years they have been following Chaos and picking up the remnants of races and pieces of technology left after the targeted systems are devastated by Chaos, the Scavenger’s destructive benefactor.  They invade a solar system in a circular cloud of space ships and habitats surrounding a central power source which they use to move from solar system to solar system.  Their numbers were estimated by Mona’s team to exceed 30 billion individuals.  Mona and her team formulate a plan to defeat the invaders and the results are both amazing and comical.

The Swarm or Cloud as the Scavengers call their nomadic abode, is a spherical formation of hundreds of thousands of ships surrounding a massive power source. It is seen to the right of Saturn.

From Mona’s first dealing with the enormous alien

CapHead screamed as she walked away in his cursing tone, reserved for subordinates and slaves, “Who do you think you are, creature … threatening a supreme leader of three billion lives?”

Mona gave the signal, and the lights were switched off, leaving the screaming and cursing scavenger in pitch-black darkness. The mold CapHead was half encased in had been used to make ten life-size replicas of scavengers and dozens of reptilians. The replicas had been jettisoned into the drifting wreckage, wearing appropriate attire that had been stripped from live creatures. According to the collective’s custom, bodies were never recovered from space. It was considered an honor to die in the vacuum and remain where one perished.

A ruthless ruler that led the military of the Swarm.
The Scavengers liked to use primitive weapons in hand to hand combat.

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