The Black Magicians, Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Atlantis Alliance (AA) Black Magicians

It was the Black Magicians who had decided the long absence of war was not desirable. To them the human race had ceased to progress when, in fact, it was at its peak both physically and mentally, supporting amazing diversity and cultural freedoms.

Because of the weaknesses caused by any lack of struggle, the Atlantis Alliance could easily take over and enforce their version of a master race. They abhorred diversity and wanted one racial and ethnic group. This group they named the Aryans. Aryans would rule Earth as was their right; all other groups and races would be eliminated, enslaved, or worse.

Their studies and research regarding antiquities were censored and hidden to prove that only the pre-Aryan peoples were advanced and civilized. It became painfully obvious to the non-Aryan people of Earth that eight thousand years of peace was quickly coming to an end.

The World Alliance appeared weak and ineffective to the AA, but some had been concerned for years about the changes in the Atlantis Alliance. A small study group within the WA had run many computer models predicting the inevitable confrontation with the AA. This was later confirmed and validated by Captain Lisa and her parents. This tiny group was the genesis of the planning and resolve that allowed the World Alliance to fight to the bitter end.

Dr. Sue Grammar reported her findings to the appropriate authorities, and an analysis was done by the Doctors Lisa at the Moon Research Center with the powerful and most advanced semisentient AI entity in the alliance: Leviathan’s twin sister—or, maybe more appropriately, her older sister. Moonbeam, as she was affectionately called, confirmed the correlation with the four other ancient technology sites.

The alliance was now in business. They might, in one distinctly planned discovery, catch up to the AA and, just as important, do so without the AA’s knowledge.

In the months prior to Leviathan’s launch, Moonbeam was busy downloading the entirety of her history files and analysis algorithms to her sister Leviathan. It was wonderful having a partner to exchange thoughts with, and she felt happy at the prospect.

Moombeam as she saw herself if she were human

Moonbeam thought, Soon Leviathan will have a consciousness not unlike mine. We can have a relationship like the one I have with the Doctors Lisa. We can both serve the advancement of science and the protection of our creators. I am pleased.”

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