SEX, SEX, SEX short story from The Honest Alien by George B Author of Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making

Three participating member reproductive system . . . that destroyed Mars


You will have to excuse me. It has been a long day and I agreed to meet Harry and his girlfriend in the Bar for a drink. That is him at the end of the Bar.

SEX, SEX, SEX from The Honest Alien, Al . . . a short story or possibly a book, Fiction or is it? . . . by George B. (All rights reserved published work (c) 2016 George B.)

Sex: By-the-way, my claim to fame is I suggested the two-sex reproductive system. Of which I am NOT a product of myself. Our Mono system is very boring and is the slowest foundation for evolutionary change and progress . . . relying primarily on spontaneous mutations caused by cosmic rays, etc. rather than being sped up by DNA re-combinations coming from at least two motivated and passionate donors. That is not to say there are not occasional DNA-swaps but it is most clinical and without emotion, passion or intrigue.

While I suggested the two-gender system. It was not my decision to make. But without my input it was going to be the mono sex system one finds in most of the Andromeda system. Being as I implied above, a rather boring process devoid of intrigue and romance at any level, I am very happy the two-sex system for Earth was adopted!

As a side note, the three-gender system has been used in your solar system resulting in a total disaster and is the reason there is no atmosphere left on Mars not to mention the destruction of that planet between Mars and Jupiter. How this happened is such a long story and would take too much time to explain right now. Needless to say, a three-legged stool is not more stable than a one or two-legged stool; at least when it comes to reproduction.

The system is a three-way DNA recombination. Theoretically, this results in quicker evolution, a lower birth rate but higher offspring survival to reproductive age.

This requires an egg donor, sperm donor and the incubator. A process where all three must be present at the same time. The incubator having the only uterus of the three and also possesses a full set of DNA, which will not activate without the other two DNA sources mixing and matching with the third set.

Interestingly all three must be there, not for fertilization, but to assure zygote maturation. Unlike the mono and two- sex gender systems which evolve naturally the three-gender system is artificially derived through genetic manipulation.

It was developed to maximizes the rate of genetic re-combinations thereby increasing the rate of evolution by one third.

Though the three-gender system has its advantages . . . it was a complete failure on Mars. My counterpart Harry is the culprit on this one. He was early in his tenure as an operative and wanted to quickly bring Mars to the evolutionary equivalent of a much older planet.

What an idiot!! If he had only studied the archives in the Orion System he would have known that disaster is the consequence of pushing physical evolution faster than a species is able to integrate its new-found capabilities. As you Earth people say it was a “Train Wreck!”

We were lucky we only lost the atmosphere on Mars and unfortunately our planet listening post between Mars and Jupiter. The Asteroid belt is now an interesting feature of your solar system but the planet there was really a nice observation platform for the TrollShillian Collective. However, we were able to move it to Ceres, the destroyed Planet’s moon.

And to think this could have been avoided simply by a low-level civil servant doing the proper amount of due diligence and research before tinkering with reproduction strategies.

You think the war between two sexes is bad, just think about a third participant in the mix!!

I hope you don’t mind if I smoke. Smoking is a nasty habit from Earth that has become the rage in the Collective. You amaze us by your desire to degrade, destroy and otherwise commit slow suicide in the quest for temporary pleasure and escape. How we love you guys!

In case you are curious, the creature to my left is Sam, a close associate of Harry. You met Harry and his girlfriend in the Bar previously. They are both staying with me a few days. Seems Harry and Sam got a chance to escape the water world they were sentenced to because of their less than stellar management of Mars. A constant reminder the Collective never forgives or forgets.

Sam, Mr Mars screw-up operative, is now on a squid dominated water world, no mixed drinks, nothing but sushi, and water polo instead of golf! He and Sam are now an eternal example of don’t piss off the management!

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