Gilda the Cloud Queen of the Swarm, the Uncontested Leader of Thirty Billion Scavengers . . . a Short Story taken from: Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making by George B


In contrast to Mona’s preparation, Gilda’s consisted of eating fewer desserts. She was so confident of her victory that she didn’t even consider a strategy in the unlikely chance she lost. Without question, her arrogance was one of her best qualities.  Without such extreme hubris, she would have been just one of the dull queens in the Swarm’s history. Gilda craved adulation, fame and eternal renown. She fantasized this competition being immortalized as an epic battle between the greatest queen ever and the upstart alien aided by the treasonous shock troop commander.  To guarantee her place as a living legend, not only did Gilda need to crush CapHead and Mona, but she had to make sure they were considered formidable threats.

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