“The Largest Man Made Canal System on Earth From free Web Book” ‘AncientCanalBuilders.com’

My graphic of what I think it looked like several thousands of years ago.

The research of John Jensen and Gary Schoening are impressive. I reviewed the material and did my own research. I could find nothing that disproved their speculation and research. In my opinion it is significant evidence that a large highly sophisticated population could have existed on the Earth many thousand years ago. This parallels my research presented in my book Volume 1, Mona Lisa on the Moon, Thirty-Two Thousand Years in the Making.


Actual Google Earth images of the remnants of the system

“The entire complex covers an area about equal in size to the State of Arizona in the USA. The canals are an integrated system of apparent irrigation and agricultural (and probably aquaculture) design. The system is about 350 miles in width and about 300 miles in depth. (For the remnants still visible.) This system represents roughly 67 MILLION acres of sustainable agriculture. Given the sophistication of design, it is entirely plausible to assume an above average yield, i.e. feeding well over 90 persons per acre on an annual basis. The system may or may not have provided a sustainable aquaculture (marine farming) environment. I have no reason to suspect that it did not.

Different estimates of the numbers of people this sustainable system would supply varies widely, though it is generally accepted that a system like this, if properly managed would provide a complete annual diet for somewhere between 60 to 120 people per acre. Which means this system was in fact providing food for an average of about 5 Billion people.”

First brought to my attention by Gary Schoening. Here is his original Vimeo post:http://vimeo.com/64351951

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