Update to the Blog

Greeting all! I am beginning to learn how to set up and use my website, Facebook, Twitter and other tools. Since my first book was published in Jan 2019, I have been busy trying to let people know it exists. I am very excited to bring you my first book. The story is fiction but contains much that I know through my many years on this planet and years of work in several fields of study.

I believe the unseen universe has direct and immediate consequences in our “real” world. As my story unfolds the reader will detect my main character Mona has abilities that others within her culture don’t have. She is actually an architype of Jon of Arc. She has visions and experiences that are spiritual in character. While she lives in a very cut and dry culture that is dominated by science and technology, she is the exception. Her exceptional nature matures and grows as the saga unfolds.

Not only does my story contain advanced science and technology but the conflict between knowledge versus wisdom as well as between morality and technology come to the forefront. I have included my version of Alternate History. This history is a compilation of my own theories and that of a group calling themselves Alterwelt. Basically, the history is the belief that the Earth has gone through several reboots. That is, high and complex civilizations have existed on the Earth only to be destroyed and then the remnant survivors eventually give birth to the next version. We are in at least the third phase of this rebirth.

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